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“It feels good to know my tax return is in good hands and filled out correctly, etc.” Microsoft employee


“Thanks (Jenny) for another year of great service. We love how painless you and Colin make the process!” Google employee


“Thank you very much for the great service offered to process a special case like mine on time.

I really appreciate for your reliable and prompt service, and accuracy.” Microsoft Japan employee


“Thanks Jenny - you two are awesome! Everything looks great! Have a good after-tax season!” Google employee


“Wheeeee!  Great news (at least as far as taxes go)!  Thanks for all your work.  If anyone asks, you'll definitely get my referral.” Microsoft employee


“Thank you, Colin! I feared doing our return this year, and you've made it painless. Consider me a very satisfied customer. I thank your wife too! :-)” Microsoft employee


“Colin and Jenny, thanks for providing me a great experience doing this return - you took a lot of stress this year for me (and my family :-).  I hope I can avail your services next year as well.” Microsoft employee


“Thanks again for all you assistance.  I wish the process for filing taxes was always this easy.” Costco employee


“THANK YOU!!! Given our hectic schedules, we are not the easiest couple to coordinate with.  Thanks for your persistence, diligence, and professionalism.” Environmental engineering firm employee


“Looks great Colin....  Thank you for getting this done so quickly, I really appreciate it.” Microsoft employee


“Thanks for making our refund better than $12.  It was nice having you as our tax preparer because we worked as a family and you guys came up with suggestions to improve our tax refund. We would like to continue our business with you in future. We referred some of our friends to you for tax preparation.” Microsoft employee


“Thanks so much for your excellent and efficient work as well as your analysis of the result.” Google employee


“Thanks for sending the documents and for all of your hard work. Since this is the final step, I would like to meet with you in person ....” (The meeting was to offer a thank-you gift, which was declined.) Estate administrator


“It was great working with you and you made it a very easy process.  I'd definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again.” Drugstore.com employee


“Thanks for the great job, and for completing it on time so that I could get it mailed and filed. Hope to see you again.” Microvision employee

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